Many parents use sippy cups to help young children stop drinking out of bottles and get them ready to drink out of regular cups. Unfortunately, with this transition comes an increased risk of tooth decay. Some young patients may develop baby bottle tooth decay. However, with enough attention and care, parents can help their children avoid this problem. Find out how by planning an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Trent Savage.

During your appointment, our dentist can go over tips for taking care of your child’s teeth and how to avoid tooth decay with sippy cups in Palmhurst, Texas. We recommend that you plan your child’s first visit to Agua Dental as soon as you see their first tooth appear. By scheduling an appointment early, our office can check your child’s smile for any signs of decay. During this visit, we can also go over how to prevent sippy cups from becoming a threat to your child’s dental health.

Parents often start giving their children sippy cups as soon as they can start holding a cup. However, once they start using sippy cups, it is important to not expose your child’s teeth to too much sugar. Frequently sipping sugary drinks can weaken the enamel and encourage bacterial growth. We recommend filling the cups with water and limiting milk, formula, fruit juice, soda and other drinks with sugar. If you have any questions about how to protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay, contact us at 956-519-2482.