Many people assume that because a child’s primary teeth eventually fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth that they are not important in the long run. However, baby teeth are crucial to your child’s oral health and development.

Baby teeth play several important roles. These roles include:

The most important reason to care for your child’s primary teeth is so that you can help ensure that their permanent teeth erupt in the correct place. Primary teeth save specific areas of the mouth for the adult teeth.

If a baby tooth falls out too early due to decay or injury and the space is not kept open by a space maintainer or other oral appliance, the teeth surrounding the gap can become misaligned, causing the permanent tooth to potentially erupt incorrectly. This misalignment can lead to an increased risk of cavities, crooked teeth, a misaligned bite and the need for orthodontic treatment later on.

Our dentist will provide you with instructions on the best way to help your child care for their teeth. This will include instructions on the best way to brush and floss your child’s teeth, how to help your child develop good oral habits, and when your child can begin brushing on their own. We will also set a schedule of regular appointments for your child to receive preventive care in our office. Preventive care includes dental cleanings and exams, dental sealants, and fluoride treatments.

If you have any questions about baby teeth or wish to make an appointment with our friendly dentist, please contact our office today.